Monday, October 26, 2015

Linux only expansion for Cards Against Humanity Coming Soon

If one thing was missing from the UNIX world that was Associate in Nursing enlargement pack for Cards Against Humanity, that is entirely concerning UNIX. Well, it will not be missing for for much longer, and one such enlargement is on its means.

Cards Against Humanity is one in all those card games that brings the worst and also the best in individuals. It's arduous to explain it in mere many lines, however it's all virtually sort of a dirty scrabble while not the board and with words rather than letters. a matter is asked, and folks got to answer it with the cards in their hands. They virtually ne'er match, however there's forever a solution that's somewhat unsettling or extremely vulgar. regardless of however serious you're before taking part in, you are certain to hurt your jaw from laughter.

Now, UNIX evangelist and developer Brian Lunduke has created a Linux-only enlargement for Cards Against Humanity, and he guarantees that it's planning to be superb and open supply.

"Shouldn’t one thing like this even be discharged as Free and Open Source? These cards might not be software… however considering they’re concerning Linux… wouldn’t it feel weird if they were “closed”? affirmative. Yes, it would. that the cards ar being discharged below an equivalent license as Cards Against Humanity, itself. The artistic Commons BY-NC-SA two.0 license," aforesaid Brian.

He's additionally launching a brand new book named UNIX Sucks: The Book for the folks that supported him on Patreon. He did not provides a date, however it ought to solely be many days.